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What We Do

Root & Rise offers accessible, community-based programs to help people of Hawai’i achieve social & emotional wellness through preventative, therapeutic approaches grounded in ‘āina (land) and the arts. To help support our programs, we create products that honor and uplift ‘āina, with the understanding that as we heal our Earth, we heal ourselves.

Whether you're a business owner looking for a team-building retreat, a caretaker of the elderly or a veteran, or a person in need of self-care rejuvenation, Root & Rise mindfully crafts workshops that are tailored to the needs, goals, and strengths of the participants. Plus, our workshops can always be adapted to your setting, whether you're indoors or outdoors. 


Root & Rise also designs, establishes, and maintains small-scale gardens that are based on the specific needs of the users. 

Current Projects

Pāpā Forest Project

A long-term, native forest restoration project located in South Kona


Nature & Art as Therapy

Free workshops that provide unique mental health support through connection to  'āina, the arts, and community

Specializing in native and noninvasive plants to uplift the well-being of our land & community

Digital Content & Virtual Presentations

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Māmaki Collaborative

Sharing the native Hawaiian nettle through regenerative, pono practices and partnership. 

Root & Rise Nursery

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