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What We Do

The driving intention behind our work is to provide therapeutic support and opportunity for under-resourced Hawaiʻi island residents with mental health needs. In doing so, we aim to uplift our island and community as a whole.


Our programs, which are mindfully crafted to meet the needs, goals, and strengths of participants, create a sense of belonging and competency, engage creativity, foster connection to nature, teach life skills, provide psychoeducation, and facilitate integration into the community. 

Upcoming Events

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Ongoing Projects & Programs

Pāpā Forest Project

A long-term, native forest restoration project located in South Kona


Nature & Art as Therapy

Free workshops that provide unique mental health support through connection to  'āina, the arts, and community

Specializing in native and noninvasive plants to uplift the well-being of our land & community

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Māmaki Collaborative

Sharing the native Hawaiian nettle through regenerative, pono practices and partnership. 

Root & Rise Nursery

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