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Nature & Art as Therapy

Nature & Art as Therapy (NAT) is a free support program offered at various locations throughout Kona and Kaʻū. The program is open to those seeking mental health support, family and friends of those impacted by mental health challenges, social service and mental health professionals, and curious community members.


Through engagement with nature, creativity, and each other, we aim to reduce stress and depression, normalize conversation about mental health, and build community around mental health wellness.

NAT Jan 2022.png

As a pilot program, participants are asked to anonymously share demographics, reasons for attending the group, familiarity with local mental health services, and feedback about each session. By compiling and reviewing this data, Root & Rise can then share with potential partners, funders, and legislation about needs in our community. The ultimate intention is to help build more accessible, integrative, and unique mental health services in our rural, growing, and vibrant community in Kona to Ka’ū. 

A big mahalo to Vibrant Hawaiʻi for contributing to our Winter Season. As a designated Resilience Hub, we are part of an island-wide network of over 40 Resilience Hubs with activities and resources supported by Vibrant Hawaiʻi.


The program is partially funded by your in store and online māmaki tea purchases, plant sales, and generous donations. Many thanks for supporting this effort!

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