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Nature & Art as Therapy

Nature & Art as Therapy provides free, community-based mental health support through workshops that teach nature- and art-based projects with interwoven themes of wellness and opportunities for mindfulness, socializing, and service. Example workshops include crisis planning with collage and forest restoration infused with guided meditation. Workshops are facilitated by community-based experts and educators.


The program is open to those seeking mental health support, family and friends of those impacted by mental health challenges, social service and mental health professionals, and curious community members. Workshops are open to the public at least once per month, and held in partnership with local social services agencies for their clients.


The program addresses transportation barriers by offering stipends and ride coordination to participants, volunteers, and facilitators. Data collected through post-workshop surveys provide insight into community mental health and program impact.

The program is partially funded by your in store and online māmaki tea purchases, plant sales, and generous donations. Many thanks for supporting this effort!

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