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Pāpā Forest Project

Located at roughly 1500’ elevation in the Pāpā ahupuaʻa (traditional land division of shared resources) in South Kona, Pāpā Forest is a place of peace and plenty.


Nestled within seven acres of old-growth forest sits Root & Rise’s ‘home-base.’ Our screened studio serves as a space for workshops, meetings, and rest. With half the land dedicated to a 20-year plan of native forest restoration and management, Root & Rise maintains a small nursery of native plants and continually works to eradicate invasive species and cultivate endemics, like māmaki and ʻōhiʻa lehua. We acknowledge our inherent privilege in the opportunity to care-take for the Pāpā Forest, and honor this responsibility through ‘āina (land)-based stewardship.


As a deeply healing and calming place, our long-term vision is to invite those seeking peace, support, and purpose. The intention of Pāpā Forest Project is to interweave the process of improving and maintaining the health and wellness of both our forest ecosystem and of ourselves and visitors. This is achieved through the mutually beneficial, scientifically supported, and instinctual understanding of the earth-human interaction: as humans interact with and care for the land, our minds, bodies, and spirits are nourished.

Experiences for Pāpā Forest visitors range from trail-making, forest-bathing, nursery tending, and plant propagation, to artistic projects such as wreath-making, botanical pressing, and journal-making. We also welcome collaborative educational and knowledge-sharing opportunities.


At present, Root & Rise invites special groups and individuals for forest workdays. If you are interested in learning more about the Pāpā Forest Project for your group, organization, or yourself, please contact

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