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Māmaki Collaborative

Māmaki, an endemic Hawaiian plant in the nettle family, has been known for its traditional healing properties. The small tree grows vigorously in the native forest understory, and is an important component of preserving our island ecosystems. At Pāpā Forest, we sustainably harvest māmaki to make a refreshing, soothing, caffeine-free tea.

mamaki in flush.jpg

Māmaki, which "volunteered" itself at our Pāpā Forest, continues to pop up when given space, light, and water as we simultaneously propagate plants in our nursery.  


Through collaborative partnership, Ke Ala O Ka Lā, WannaBee Pono Honey Emporium, and Root & Rise Therapeutic Horticulture intend to co-create inclusive opportunities from "planting to production" to connect to and care for this treasured Hawaiian plant. Currently, our māmaki tea can be found at the physical location of WannaBee Pono Honey Emporium in Kainaliu, Hawai’i. You can also purchase through our online store.


As a product with purpose, 10% of each sale supports local regenerative projects and community philanthropic experiences, including Root & Rise's Nature & Art as Therapy.

Mahalo (thanks) for your support!

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